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My own recovery from 11 years of chronic fatigue syndrome (on an invalids benefit) took place in just over a week, once I had the right techniques.

In 10 years since then, I have helped over 1500 people to achieve remarkable stories of their own.


You could be next!

NOTE: New website coming soon! Final development stages are being reached.

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Newsflash! New admin person and Switch Practitioner!

Sadly, Sonya is going to be leaving her admin role soon, so I need a replacement for her. Plus The Switch is growing in popularity so fast that I am starting to prepare for taking on a new Practitioner. Email us if you would like more information about either or both roles!


The Switch®

The Switch is a 4 day programme for chronic illness recovery and life enhancement.

It’s life changing!

It covers five main areas for improving your health and well-being:

  1. calming your stress response
  2. rewiring neural pathways
  3. resolving deeper issues from the past
  4. changing lifestyle issues
  5. clearing faulty beliefs

Find out more or download an application form now!


Note: I taught The Lightning Process to 1300 people, over an 8 year period.

Now, I teach The Switch instead and have been thrilled by the results and the feedback that I have received.


Introductory webinar on mind-body techniques

From 2019, we will have a new website and an online webinar option available called “Mind-body techniques to resolve chronic illness”.
This is a 2.5 hour online introduction to the principles and techniques from The Switch. Previous attendees of the live introduction sessions have reported great results.

Find out more here

Radio New Zealand Interview – August 2016

Dr John Dunbar, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dunedin, has been a huge supporter of my mind-based interventions for chronic pain and we have recently co-led a seminar and were both interviewed on Radio New Zealand about mind and emotions affect chronic pain (and other chronic illnesses). You can listen to our interview here:


New Zealand Medical Association interview

I was very excited to present at the national GP Conferences this year and last year! I spoke about mind-body interaction and how stress causes so many of the illnesses that GPs will see. I gave them lots of tips on changes they can make in their own practice to help patients gain more sense of control over their own well-being. I was also invited to do this interview to help spread the word further!


Breakfast Show interviews

It’s been wonderful to have so much interest and support from The Breakfast Show, who have now interviewed me twice.  Here is my first interview.

Comments about Mel Abbott as a trainer

Here are some of the comments that my clients have made about me as a trainer:

“Such enthusiasm! I have to admit that a couple of times in the early days at home I was struggling to make some things work, but the thought of telling Mel that I couldn’t do it spurred me onto greater effort – hehe. Thanks Mel. I feel great now!”

“I think Mel was an excellent trainer, a balance of empathy and drive to make me get on and do the work.”

“Very efficient and no nonsense – totally knows her stuff and didn’t let us get stuck in problems.”

“Mel’s been through it, she knows how it feels. She knows people and how to get results.”

Be inspired by what is possible!

If you’ve been ill for a long time, you may not even remember what it was like to be healthy. At Empower Therapies, I hold reunions for my clients to enjoy being healthy and meet like-minded people. In this movie, a group of us had a great day in the Waitakere Ranges including a 3 hour bush walk (up and down hill), boogie boarding and a picnic. After a full day out, we all still had energy for our Saturday night engagements. Watch this movie and be inspired by what is possible!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Warm Regards
Mel Abbott
Therapist at Empower Therapies

Certified NLP Master Practitioner
BSc (Psych), Dip.Clin.Hyp NLP Coach, CMP NLP, MNZANLP