NLP Therapy

Neuro-linguistic programming is a fast and effective therapy method that uses the subconscious mind to get to the root of a problem and release it very quickly. Most clients only need one to five sessions, thus making treatment affordable, gentle and empowering.

I no longer take new clients for NLP sessions because I am more focussed on group work and follow-up sessions for those clients, but I have a colleague, Pippa Adamson, who trained in the same school as me and can do sessions for you. She is based in the UK but can do sessions via Skype and you are able to pay for it direct to Empower Therapies, thus not incurring international bank transfers. Just tell her that you were referred from Empower Therapies.

What Happens in a 1-1 Therapy Session?

The first session is 1.5 hours long and has 3 stages.  We discuss “What is the problem?” and “What do you want instead?” and then we use a combination of techniques to help you to create the changes that you are seeking.

Follow-up sessions are one hour long and are recommended because they further embed the changes that you have made, fine tune their effects and work on any other issues that come to light. They follow a similar 3-stage structure. We discuss “What changes have you experienced since last time?” and “What further changes do you want to achieve?” and then do another combination of techniques to create even more changes.

People usually do between two and five sessions and report profound changes from each session.

Demonstration of a 1-2-1 Therapy Session with Mel Abbott

Lesley has had Hayfever for 50 years and she has kindly agreed for this Allergy Resolve Session (and a follow-up 10 months later) to be shared online. It demonstrates the style that I work in and will give you a good idea of what to expect from a session.

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