1-1 therapy techniques

Empower Therapies uses a range of therapy techniques, tailor-made to suit each person. They are designed to be very empowering and provide people with tools for fast and effective change.

Techniques include:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool kit of techniques that have been developed by studying people who are excellent at something. For instance – How can some people move on from a nasty divorce while others are unable to do so? How can we teach others these same skills?

The tool kit of NLP techniques includes Core Transformations, Time Line Therapy or Regression, Anchoring Positive States, Phobia Resolution, Parts Conflict Resolution, Trauma Process,  Language Pattern Shifts, Beliefs Hierarchy Alterations, Future Planning, the Swish Technique, the Piece of Cake Technique….

Clients report that they find the NLP techniques fascinating and empowering and they love how rapidly they feel the positive effects of a session.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients to determine and achieve personal goals and strengths. Life Coaching feeds very well into Empower Therapies because it is strength-based and empowers clients to believe in their capability to create change. We finish every session by taking your new changes forward into the future to assist your unconscious mind in building these changes into your life. This helps you to get the most benefit from the changes.


Psychology is widely used for performance enhancement, self-help and many other areas affecting health and daily life. It is a very broad field that studies the human mind and behaviour. My degree in Psychology assists me to understand and explain thought, emotion and behaviour. This provides a framework for discussing the issues with my clients and feeds into helping me choose which combination of techniques will most benefit each person.

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