About Mel Abbott

Photo of Mel Abbott“My main philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to use their mind to achieve remarkable results. Giving people these tools is a fast and effective way to empower people to create a full and happy life.”

I have had a personal journey through 11 years of chronic illness (officially classified as Invalid status), all of which resolved through using the very powerful techniques that I now practice. Now that I am healthy again, I love being able to ski, swim, tramp and dance.

These personal experiences of hardship and success mean that I can empathise deeply with people who are currently stuck in a life they hate, while maintaining full faith in their ability to achieve the life they love.

I have a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching. I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Doing most of my training in the UK meant that I had the privilege of being trained by world leaders in the field.

I have wide-ranging work experience, from being a Personal Development Groups Facilitator at Youthline, to Social Services Worker in the UK and running my own private practice both in the UK and now in NZ. I have now helped over 1000 clients to recover from over 250 different health conditions and can see how this amount of practical experience has aided how quickly my clients now recover.

“It is now my great joy to bring to you my own unique course called ‘The Switch’, to help you relieve the burden of chronic illness. I love to see other people experiencing the profound changes that I experienced myself and hearing the same words said to me that I said to my Practitioner

“Thank you. You gave me my life back!”

My own illness and recovery

I had a head injury when I was 18 years old, which led me into 11 years of chronic fatigue syndrome, on an invalids benefit. At my worst (for at least half of that time), I could barely walk up one flight of stairs and had to lean on the rail to give myself more momentum because my legs were too weak to carry me.  I slept every afternoon from 3 – 6 pm for 11 years and spent most of the rest of my time lying on the couch. At my best (in my final year of illness), I could work three mornings a week for three hours if I then came home and slept the rest of the day and had a day’s rest in between.

On June 8th 2008, I attended a mind-body course in London that was based on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)  in desperate hope of finding a cure. My daytime naps stopped immediately and within a week, I was travelling around Europe for three months, then lived in England and worked full-time in social services for two years! I have now been back in New Zealand for 6 years and have helped over 1000 people to recover from over 250 different chronic illnesses.

Out of such a difficult time in my own life has come this wonderful opportunity to help others – It is truly my passion!

Comments About Mel as a Trainer

Here are some of the comments that my clients have made about me as a Trainer:

“Mel presented the course in a fun and interesting way. I also felt that she was extremely discerning and could read people and their situations very well. Thanks Mel!”

“Mel was a fabulous trainer, very thorough and encouraging and the follow up phone calls and emails have been invaluable. I loved the way you were so positive, it helped me to focus.”

“Mel is such a positive, approachable person and she really knows her stuff! The follow up conversations have also been immensely helpful.”

“She was great. She understood what we were going through and knew how to push us so we got better. She believed in us and was always positive.”

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards
Mel Abbott
Founder of Empower Therapies

Certified NLP Master Practitioner
BSc (Psych), Dip.Clin.Hyp NLP Coach, CMP NLP, MNZANLP