While allergies are not usually the number one condition on my client’s application forms, they are very common as secondary conditions that people see me for. Every group I run has several people with allergies in it, and I have seen people achieve excellent results very quickly.

How do allergies occur?

Your immune system is a powerful army, protecting you from invaders. Occasionally, it makes a mistake. While killer T cells normally attack viruses and bacteria, they can mistakenly learn to react to innocuous substances such as wheat or pollen. When this happens, they accidentally attack healthy cells which explode, releasing histamine which causes the runny nose and itching associated with allergies, or put the digestive system into a stress mode, creating pain. Your immune and digestive systems can make mistakes like this because they are stuck in the stress response and don’t have enough resources available to them to function well, or because of a faulty association that they have made between a substance and feeling unwell.

How can Empower Therapies help?

I run training programmes that teach you to understand how to calm the stress response in the body and resolve your faulty associations that have led to allergic reactions. We always have home baking at the course (full of gluten, dairy and everything else) and it’s great watching more and more people through the course be able to eat and enjoy it!

The NLP Allergy Technique is a fast and effective approach to dealing with many allergies. It assists your immune system to correct its mistake of reacting to substances that are not dangerous to the body. This is achieved through a guided process that takes you into a subconscious state and uses visualisation to gently inform your immune system of the changes that it needs to make. Many clients report a dramatic improvement from just one session. Lesley has kindly let me film her NLP Allergy Session for hayfever and you can now view excerpts from the session. You may also like to read J’s story about resolving his Hayfever in just two sessions.

I no longer take new clients for 1-1 sessions, as I focus my attention on group work. You can do an NLP Allergy Cure session with my colleague, Pippa Adamson, who trained in the same school as me.

To ask further questions or to book a session, please contact me.