Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is my second largest client group (behind fatigue). I see people for a range of pain conditions including fibromyalgia, CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), migraines, constant daily headache, chronic pain syndrome, central sensitivity syndrome and more. I have seen around 80-90% of my clients resolve their pain condition.

How does chronic pain happen?

Pain, as an acute reaction, is very useful to you – it helps protect you from touching hot stoves or walking on a broken limb and making it worse. However, for many of my clients, they are experiencing pain way beyond the original expiry of an injury or there never was a physical injury in the first place. This has now become chronic pain. In this case, your brain has started sending false pain messages to your body and has got stuck in a neurological loop that keeps repeating. Your experience of the pain is very real – it is definitely pain – but it is being caused by false messages and faulty pain gateways through your body.

Here is a great movie that explains how the mind has a big role in the production of chronic pain:

This is the type of pain that I work with. If you have acute pain, you are best to go to A&E. Long term pain, in which your Doctor has already ruled out medical causes, respond very well to mind-body techniques. There are a range of approaches. Teaching you to calm the stress response helps your whole body to relax and regulate itself better, including your pain gates. We also teach you to understand how your thinking patterns are exacerbating your pain gates and we show you techniques for interrupting these thinking patterns to help rewire your neural pathways back to a normal pattern. For some people, they need to release an old emotional trauma that is now causing a tension pattern in their body that is causing pain. For others, we teach them the NLP Anaesthetic Hand Technique to interrupt their neural pain pathways.


I have been very fortunate to have been endorsed by an orthopaedic surgeon who has been very impressed with the results that I have got with patients of his. You can hear his opinion here:

Here is a movie of me working with a young girl with CRPS, resolving her pain within one session!


How to enrol

I have not renewed my Lightning Process license at the end of July 2017 and will not be running any further Lightning Process courses. However, I am feeling very excited about offering a wonderful new programme called The Switch.  For further information and enrolment options, click The Switch.