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Photo of Mel AbbottMel Abbott

Head Practitioner and Founder

We are here to answer your questions and inspire you with hope about your recovery!

By phone:       09 950 6295

By email:         info@empowertherapies.co.nz

If you want to know more about me, you can visit About Mel Abbott.

Sonya – Admin Support

Photo of Sonya, admin person

“Hi. I’m Sonya and I’m Mel’s admin support person! YAY! I attended Mel’s course in November and gained so much I thought I’d stick around :0) I come from a Communications background in Performing Arts, but I’ve had the privilege of being full time mum for the past 8 years to my two awesome girls. After doing illness for about 20 years it is very exciting to have a new lease on life and I now have the tools to move forward and take on the next challenge, which is helping you guys… and sometimes Mel ;0)

I look forward to hearing from you.”


Pippa – Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner

I have employed a UK Practitioner who trained in the same school as myself and is a current Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner. She will work with new clients who only want to do 1-1 Neuro-linguistic Programming sessions via Skype, as well as previous Lightning Process clients who specifically want LP follow-up coaching. You can contact her at pippa@newleaf-changes.co.uk . Here is some info about her:

Photo of Pippa Adamson I’m Pippa Adamson. I’m an Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner who has been practicing in the UK for 7 years. Mel and I trained together in London with Phil Parker and I am now a tutor on Phil’s course. I am also a Master of NLP and offer one-to-one coaching with clients. Like Mel, I work with clients with many different conditions.

I came to the Lightning Process after having M.E. for 20 years. When my son, Callum who was then aged 13, was diagnosed with M.E. too we decided to do the course together. This was life changing for both of us!

Here is a video of me interviewing him as well as some of my Lightning Process clients.

When I’m not working, my favourite things to do are wild swimming, dancing and cycling.



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