Lupus is an auto-immune disease which means that your immune system produces antibodies which attack your healthy tissue instead of attacking bacteria and viruses. It can be very distressing and debilitating, resulting in pain and swelling and many other symptoms. It is the most common auto-immune condition that I see clients for, but I have also seen great results with other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease, scleroderma and Coeliacs disease.

What is the mind-body link?

There are two main factors – the stress response and unresolved emotion.

When your body is stuck in a stress response, a huge amount of your energy is being used up to keep your system on red alert to fight tigers.  This means that systems such as immunity, digestion, reproduction et cetera get depleted because there isn’t enough energy left to run them properly. When you learn to switch off your stress response, your body automatically sends energy back to your immune system and it starts repairing itself.

Through working with many auto-immune clients, I kept seeing a pattern that they were mostly experiencing a huge amount of guilt. I became curious – why do so many auto-immune clients also suffer from guilt?  Auto-immune conditions are your own immune system attacking your own healthy cells.  What is guilt?  You attacking yourself. It’s the perfect emotional metaphor. I have observed that when my auto-immune clients resolve their guilt issues, they get massive improvements to their health.

How Can Empower Therapies Help?

I have seen excellent results across a wide range of auto-immune conditions, lupus being the most common one. During The Switch course, I can teach you many principles about how mind and body interact to maintain and exacerbate the stress response in your body. I teach you techniques to calm that stress response and allow your body to heal naturally. I also teach you how to resolve the deeper emotional patterns (especially guilt) that are contributing to your illness. (Note: You may have heard about me from when I taught The Lightning Process, which I did for 8 years, to over 1000 people. The Switch now replaces The Lightning Process at Empower Therapies and is the main method that I use to help people. I am very excited about the results that people are achieving with The Switch!)

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Stories to inspire you…

One of my earliest clients was a lady who had had Lupus for nearly 70 years. She reported two weeks later that she was the most healthy she could ever remember being in her life and she had hosted her grandchild’s birthday party – something she could never have imagined doing previously.

A lady who had had rheumatoid arthritis for ten years had hands that were totally contorted and unable to move. Within a few days, she could open and close all her fingers and within a few weeks, all her pain was gone!

A lady with scleroderma was able to roll over in bed by herself and stand up unaided for the first time in many years. She also reported feeling less tension in her joints, and she was able to spread her toes and start to wiggle her fingers.