MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

MS is a chronic condition that affects the central nervous system. The immune system attacks the protective covering around the nerve fibres, affecting their ability to send messages around the body. While this is a physical condition, I have seen excellent results among my clients by using mind-body techniques.

MS Symptoms

  • Dizziness and balance difficulties
  • Coordination and movement problems
  • Numbness, tingling or burning, especially in extremities
  • Painful sensitive skin
  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive problems
  • Muscle spasms
  • Mood changes
  • Bladder weakness and pain

How does Empower Therapies help MS?

MS appears to have immune and neurological system dysfunctions. Both of these systems are affected by the stress response – if someone is stuck in the stress response for a long time, all their energy is fuelling the stress response and is therefore not available to other systems such as the immune or neurological systems. As these systems get depleted, malfunctions can occur. By the same token, turning off the stress response can lead to these systems automatically being better resourced and starting to heal themselves. It is interesting to observe that some MS clients have fluctuating symptoms, even though their physical nerve damage is similar – this implies that there are other factors operating, not just physical.

Added to these physical factors, there are many emotional factors. People’s symptoms usually get dramatically worse in the six months following diagnosis with MS. This is because it’s terrifying to receive this diagnosis and this further exacerbates the stress response and also leads to other emotional states such as depression and anxiety.  People also start to run limiting beliefs about what they are capable of doing and they start predicting how bad things are going to get. These beliefs and predictions further escalate the problem.

At a deeper level, I have also observed a common thread between my MS clients – they seem to be incredibly kind and supportive to everyone else, while being totally harsh on themselves. It is possible that this pattern of driving themselves so hard has also affected their nervous system. Addressing this pattern has led to some big improvements in people’s symptoms.

This also applies to other neurological disorders – I have seen success with Parkinsons Disease and functional neurological disorder as well.

I have now resigned from The Lightning Process and no longer offer Lightning Process courses. Instead, I offer a course called The Switch which provides you with knowledge about how your mind and body work, which thinking and behaviour patterns you are doing that are exacerbating your symptoms, which situations from your past might be causing your current symptoms and which aspects of your lifestyle need to be changed to improve your wellbeing.  For each of these categories, you learn techniques that you can use yourself to fix these patterns. I do not fix anybody – I teach you how to fix yourself.

For more information about how The Switch could help you, as well as to actually apply, click The Switch.

Stories to inspire you…

One of my MS clients went from being unable to walk across her living room without leaning heavily on her husband’s arm to going on a three week walking tour of Italy!

Another was able to remove her electric leg stimulator within a couple of days and was able to increase her walking from 20 metres to one kilometre within a few months.

A lady with Parkinsons disease was told by her Neurologist that she only had 10% of her illness left just one month after seeing me. A year later, he signed her off as no longer needing follow-ups.

A girl with functional neurological disorder was able to stop her tremors and cramps within a few days.