There have now been over 250 different conditions and symptoms that people have made fantastic changes with at Empower Therapies! Below is a full list with the most common ones in purple which link to other pages with further information about how Empower Therapies can help with them. If your own condition is not listed on this page, don’t be discouraged – contact us to discuss it further. It’s fun to be a pioneer!

Symptoms successfully treated at Empower Therapies

Acute sensitivities Fear of heights Pain
Adrenal fatigue Fear of performing in public Panic attacks
Alcoholism Fear of vomiting PEM (protein energy malnutrition)
Allergies Fertility Perfectionism
Anger Fibromyalgia Peri-menopausal
Anorexia nervosa Flu-like body aches Peripheral neuropathy (feet)
Anxiety (including PTSD
& Phobias)
Food fears Phobia
Arthritis Food Intolerance Photosensitivity
Arythmia Food Sensitivities Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Asthma Frequent urination Polymyalgia
Atonic bladder Functional neurological disorder (occasional seizures/weakness) Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Atrial fibrillation Gas Post-concussion syndrome
Autoimmune inflammatory Gastroparesis Post exertional malaise
Arthritis Generalised anxiety disorder Post-natal anxiety
Back Pain Generalised vulvodynia Post-natal depression
Balance issues Giddiness Post-natal OCD
Bi-polar Disorder Giving Birth Post-traumatic stress disorder
Bladder issues Glandular Fever Post viral fatigue syndrome
Bladder weakness Gluten intolerance Postural tachycardia
Blepharospasm Graves Disease POTS
Blocked creativity Guillian Barre Syndrome Pre diabetic
Blocked sinuses Gut Dysbiosis Procrastination
Blood sugar drops Hair loss Psoriasis
Blurry vision Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Psoriatic arthritis
Blushing Hashimoto’s Disease Quit smoking
Body thermostat problems Hay fever Reflux
Bowel and bladder dysfunction Head injury Resting tremor
Brain injury Headache Restless leg syndrome
Brain Tumour Blindness High blood pressure Restless sleep
Bulimia High cholesterol Rheumatoid arthritis
Bullying at Work High startle reflex Ringing in ears
Burn out Highly stressed Rosacea
Burning hands and feet Hives RSI in arm
Cancer Hormonal issues Scalp psoriasis
Candida – systemic Hot flushes Scheuermann’s Disease
Central nerve sensitisation Hypersensitivity Seizures
Central pain syndrome Hyperventilation  Self-conscious
Cerebral Palsy – mild
(left hemiplegia)
Hypothalamic amenorrhea Self-worth issues
Cervical dystonia Hypothyroidism Self-doubt
Chemical poisoning IBS (chronic gut dysbiosis) Sensitivity to chemicals
Chemical sensitivities Impaired cognitive function Sexual challenges
Crohns Disease Inability to cope under harsh circumstances Shaking
Chronic back pain Inability to go to school or engage productively with life Silent migraines
Chronic fatigue Insomnia Sjogrens Syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome Irregular heart beat Skin rashes
Chronic pain Irritable bowel syndrome Skin sensitivity
Chronic pain syndrome Knee pain SLE & ITP
Chronic pelvic pain Lack of confidence Sleep apnoea
Chronic sinusitis Lack of empathy Sleep problems
Chronic stomach pain Lack of motivation Social anxiety
Chronic tension headache Lack of passion, direction, confidence Social phobia
Coeliac disease Lack of patience Sore ears and glands
Colitis of the bowel Lactose intolerance Sore fingers and toes
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lead poisoning Speech and processing difficulties
Concussion Leaky gut Spinal fusions
Congested head Lethargy Stomach and vaginal pain
Consistent bloating Light and noise sensitivity Stomach pains
Constipation Low energy Stop Smoking
Conversion disorder -
blindness, deafness, paralysis,
pain, spasms, hallucinations,
Low immunity Strep throat
Chronic Pulmonary Disease Low libido Stress
Cough Low mood Stress related hair loss
Crackly voice Low self esteem Stuck
CRPS Lupus Suicidal
Dairy intolerance MCS Tachycardia
Depression ME Temperature issues
Detached from loved ones Memory issues (post brain injury) Tension
Diabetes Menieres Disease Therapy for Children
Diarrhoea Menopausal Symptoms Thyroid cysts
Digestive issues Mercury poisoning Tinnitus
Digestive tract infections Migraines Too controlling
Discolouration of leg Mixed connective tissue disease (a form of arthritis) Toxicity problems
Driving phobia Multiple chemical sensitivities Trauma Resolution
Dry eyes Multiple Sclerosis- muscle and joint pain Tremor in leg
Dyslexia Muscle twitching and pulsing Trouble moving
Dystonia Musical performance stress Trouble with blood sugar
Eating Disorder Narcolepsy Trouble with cortisol levels
Eczema Nausea Trouble with decision making
Emotional flatness Nervous breakdown Ulcerative Colitis
Endocrine issues Neuropathic pain Urticaria (hives)
Endometriosis Neuropathy Vertigo
Epilepsy Numbness in 2 little fingers  Visceral hypersensitivity
Excessive sweating Obsessive compulsive disorder  Vomiting
Exhaustion Osteoarthritis  Vulvodynia
Eye Infection Over anxious  Weak liver
Eye Pain Over reaction to smell, noise and other things  Weary
Fainting  Overweight  Weight
Fatigue  Overwhelmed  Weight loss
Fear of blood/organs

Disclaimer: We are not medically trained and therefore rely on client information about their diagnosis, symptoms and issues. We cannot guarantee results, as every individual is different. However, we have had considerable success in helping people with a range of issues and we follow up all clients to ensure that changes have been maintained.