Over the years, I have seen some wonderful transformations take place among my clients. Here are some of their stories:

Endorsement from an Orthopaedic Surgeon

John Dunbar became intrigued by my work when I was able to fix two of his young CRPS patients. He has since started incorporating mind-body explanations into his sessions with patients and seen dramatic improvements. Here are his comments about working with me:

Emerging enthusiasm for my new course – ‘The Switch’

The first clients have now completed ‘The Switch’ and are absolutely raving about it!  Here is Vivien’s story:

CRPS recovery in just one session!

Watch this video of Sienna as she recovers from CRPS in just one session!

Another superb CRPS story!

Madee spent months doing mainstream treatment at Starship Hospital and the Wilson home but was still in terrible pain. She did one NLP session with me and left my house walking! This is quite a long movie created by Madee’s mother to document her full journey into illness, through enormous numbers of treatments and finally (quickly) out the other side into wellness.

Heights phobia gone in one session!

On top of Ladder after Heights Phobia Treatment

Tina - Heights Phobia Resolved in One Session

“My aim was to overcome a phobia of heights and I experienced a marked difference after just one session with Mel. I was very impressed with the result, especially because I had been very skeptical about Empower Therapy beforehand”.


Free from anger and conflict problems

“My session with Mel helped me see an old problem in an entirely different light and I got a massive breakthrough in the way I was living my life. She helped me to understand my behaviour in a whole new way and allowed me to handle conflict with confidence and to be stronger in myself . She unlocked a very deep unconsious conflict for me and I would recommend her as an excellent practitioner”.


Good sleep restored

“I had struggled with Insomnia for quite a few months. It had begun to affect my work life and my home life and I could see no way out. A friend recommended Mel to me and I was initially very sceptical.

Mel was patient and a pleasure to work with. After two sessions, it was obvious that I had been sleeping better as a result of our sessions. Mel helped me to overcome the anxiety that was causing my Insomnia and to get my worries in perspective”.


Self-esteem soars and depression fades

A client saw me for depression and said that she thought low self-esteem was the cause. She ranked her self-esteem as 3/10 in her first session. In her fourth and final session, she ranked it as 8/10.

“Over ten years, I had three major depressive episodes, in which I stopped sleeping and completely lost my appetite. It was terrifying to feel the bottom fall out of my world.
Mel was patient, intelligent, a brilliant listener and totally calm. I was able to be real with her. She absorbed and understood all that I said and turned it into something useful. I don’t ever have to feel out of control, afraid or worthless again.
Life now is full, light and open to numerous possibilities. I have choices, tools, freedom.”

Name withheld.

Opinion about Mel Abbott

Mel has a fully professional approach both within and in relation to sessions. Within the session she generates an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, making it easy to express the personal and sometimes awkward issues that surround and make up the problem. She conveys respect for the client, so that you feel like an equal among colleagues rather than a helpless patient. Her methods are unintrusive and solution-focussed, rather than dwelling on past failures. She moves you forward in a dynamic, constructive and often creative way, so that you begin to use new resources straight away.


Hayfever resolved in two sessions

J saw me a month ago for Hayfever that had become so bad that he had it all year round, was on high levels of medication and had started having migraines from the medication.
After one session, he was significantly better and also reported feeling calmer and happier at work. After the second session, he reported that he had only sneezed once in 3 weeks, when 30 year old carpet was removed from his building. Here are his comments:

“After my first session with Melanie I noticed a vast improvement from hayfever within days which only continued to improve and strengthen over the following weeks. I feel so much better now, thank you!”

Hayfever resolved in just one session

Lesley had hayfever for 50 years and required medication all summer to cope with grass and pollen. Here is a movie of her session and an interview with her a year later:

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