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The Lightning Process® Helped Me…

Photo of Mel Abbott“During 10 horrendous years of living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I tried every mainstream and alternative technique I could find and nothing had worked. Then I travelled to London and did the Lightning Process.

I improved immediately!

A week after the course finished, I went backpacking through 13 European countries in 4 months and then returned to England to get my first full-time job in over a decade. Newspapers and the BBC followed my progress closely, providing hope for thousands of others who need to know that recovery is possible.

With full health, I stayed for another 2 years in the UK so that I could train in this remarkable technique and bring it home to New Zealand. It is now such a great joy for me to see other people experiencing the profound changes that I experienced and to hear the same words that I said to my trainer –

“Thank you. You gave me my life back!”

Mel Abbott Discusses The Lightning Process®


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