Therapy for Children

Children are a delight to work with!

My experience is that young people usually lead the group and get well the fastest, thus inspiring all the adults about how possible it is to get well. I think they are the fastest because they don’t overthink anything. I like their enthusiasm and their willingness to trust me very quickly.

I have also observed that children who develop chronic illness are usually extremely intelligent, diligent and very driven. This is not only their strength, but also their downfall as they often push themselves so hard that they are perfectionist and anxious, both of which can contribute to chronic illness patterns.

How can Empower Therapies help?

I have accepted children from as young as eight years old on my courses. They are in a group with adults, so as well as assessing their readiness to be well and their willingness to do the work, I also have to assess whether they are confident enough to participate in a group with adults. They are allowed to have a support person at the back of the room but they won’t be sitting right next to them and will need to be able to ask and answer questions along with the group.

Because young people are already used to school learning environments, they seem to find it easier than adults to learn new concepts about how their body and mind work, how stress is affecting their body and what steps they need to take to calm the stress response. Once they have calmed the stress response, their health issues usually start disappearing pretty quickly. I have had very high success rates with young people – it’s very close to 100%.

I have now resigned from The Lightning Process and no longer offer Lightning Process courses. Instead, I offer a course called The Switch which provides people with knowledge about how their mind and body work, which thinking and behaviour patterns they are doing that are exacerbating their symptoms, which situations from theirr past might be causing current symptoms and which aspects of theirr lifestyle need to be changed to improve wellbeing.  For each of these categories, they will learn techniques that they can use on themselves to fix these patterns. I do not fix anybody – I teach them how to fix themselves.

For more information about how The Switch could help you, as well as to actually apply, click The Switch.

Stories to inspire you

Here is a session that I did with a young girl who had chronic pain in her legs. She had been on crutches for months and she left walking!

Liri recovered completely from CRPS within just 15 minutes (the NLP quick intervention). Read her story below:

From Liri’s family:

“At this point where we are standing today, I can see the light. I can see the future with a normal life for Liri and for us. But, several months ago it was all dark.

It all began with “regular” elbow injuries. She had physiotherapy, an MRI, a specialist orthopedic surgeon… nobody understood why she had so much pain all over her hand. Then suddenly, with no cause, the pain “jumped” to her leg. It was unbearable pain, no pain medication helped. It was a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE. Then came the diagnosis – CRPS. When we realised what it means to be diagnosed with CRPS we felt that the sky was falling upon us, that life was upside-down, that there was no future – all was covered with a mask of pain! Unbelievable pain, with no relief at any time.

When we came to Mel, Liri walked in on crutches with her left leg totally painful, sensitive to any touch. Even to sit in the car driving all the way to Mel was very hard. When we walked out of the appointment with Mel – Liri walked with “a life” and new leg! Since then Liri is doing NLP many times a day, and getting better all the time!

With the pain so reduced, she can do the physiotherapy and get back to a normal life. There is some work to be done – she still limps, gets tired easily – but she has NO PAIN.

It is absolutely incredible – There are no words that can express our thanks to you, Mel!

It’s so important that there is cooperation between the western medicine at the hospital and what you offer. I feel I must spread it to the world, especially to the medical world… It is hard to imagine how much suffering and pain can be saved to so many kids!”

From the bottom of our heart — THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

From Liri herself:

“I came to Mel after several weeks with the most horrible pain you can imagine. My whole leg was so painful and sensitive to any touch. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t even straighten my leg. I needed to use crutches. I couldn’t do anything – no school, no friends, nothing! After about an hour with Mel, and using the NLP exercises that she taught me – I could stand on my leg! I could touch my leg! And there was NO PAIN! I could not believe it – there was NO PAIN. Thank you so much Mel!”


How to enrol

It is very important that it is the child’s decision that they want to come to see me, not the parent’s, because it is the child who will have to do the work to get well. It’s a good idea to talk to your child about mind-body approaches, get them to watch some of the movies on my website and see if they are keen. If they are keen, they will need to fill in their own application form because it is their answers and perceptions that I am interested in.

For more information about how The Switch could help your child, as well as to actually apply, click The Switch.