Weight Loss

I see people for the full range of issues, all the way from obesity to anorexia. Weight issues are very rarely about food – they have strong emotional patterns that are driving the behaviour. Fixing these patterns can make healthy eating and a healthy weight far easier to achieve.

Did You Know…?

In New Zealand, 26.5% of adults and 20.9% of children are obese, giving us a world obesity ranking of 7th place (Ministry of Health Statistics).

How Can Empower Therapies Help?

I can help you resolve the conflict between wanting that extra piece of cake and wanting to lose weight, or undo the link between food and comfort or happiness, or resolve the feeling of emptiness inside that makes some people want to fill that space with food. When internal conflict is resolved, eating the right amount of food can become natural and comfortable. Weight loss naturally follows without the need for will-power and conscious dieting. I also teach techniques that people use whenever they find themselves about to comfort eat, so that they clear the emotions and no longer feel a need to comfort eat.

The same is true in reverse. If people avoid eating and have developed anorexia, I help them to identify the underlying drivers of that behaviour so that they can start eating normally again.

I have now resigned from The Lightning Process and no longer offer Lightning Process courses. Instead, I offer a course called The Switch which provides you with knowledge about how your mind and body work, which thinking and behaviour patterns you are doing that are exacerbating your symptoms, which situations from your past might be causing your current symptoms and which aspects of your lifestyle need to be changed to improve your wellbeing.  For each of these categories, you learn techniques that you can use yourself to fix these patterns. I do not fix anybody – I teach you how to fix yourself.

For more information about how The Switch could help you, as well as to actually apply, click The Switch.

Inspiring stories

The record holder at the moment was a lady who lost 38kg through coming to see me!  When I ran into her a few years later, I didn’t initially recognise her.

I’ve also had several clients with eating disorders. Several reported being all better within a few days and simply not thinking about it at all anymore.  They were able to maintain this change long term. Others have had to work for longer at using the techniques to really integrate them and get a lasting change.

You can contact me to discuss how Empower Therapies could help you.