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 Previous Empower Therapies clients

Upcoming options  Date
1-1 sessions – Auckland or skype  Ongoing availability, see calendar below
The Switch Essentials (for LP clients)  Sept – 12th (fully booked) - Auckland
The Switch Essentials (for LP clients)  Oct – Tues 9th at 9.30am - Wellington – (fully booked)
The Switch Refresher (for Switch clients)  Oct – Fri 26th at 9.30am - Auckland – 3 spots left
The Switch Essentials (for LP clients)  Nov – Fri 9th (fully booked in 12 hours since newsletter went out)  - Auckland
The Switch Essentials (for LP clients) (new listing)  Nov – Tue 13th at midday - Auckland – 3 spots left


Previous clients – 1-1 sessions

You can do 1-1 sessions if you feel stuck and want to work on a particular issue. I will use NLP techniques, life coaching (and The Switch if you have done the course). Scroll down the page to select the session length and type that you want, then book yourself in on my calendar.  If you want to do Lightning Process coaching, you can see Pippa Adamson on skype, since I am no longer a Lightning Process Practitioner.  You can use support packages interchangeably between Pippa and myself.

Previous clients – 1 day group courses

The Switch Essentials - A one day version of The Switch, only available for my previous Lightning Process clients to attend. See slides from The Switch and do some of the most important Switch group activities, plus each have a turn at using the Quick or the Deep Switch to resolve a new issue in your life. Dates for courses (and their locations) are shown in the table below.

The Switch Refresher -A one day course for previous Switch clients.  Refresh your mind about your original Switch course by seeing all the slides again, as well as learn new extended topics. Each have a turn at using The Switch for a new issue in your life