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If you’re stuck in chronic illness and stress, you may feel like you are trapped in a prison of a body with no way out. But you are not a prisoner – you are the master jailkeeper with the key – you can be free!

All you need to do is ‘Switch’.


Switch off stress and illness habits (Day 1)
Is your stress response constantly stuck in the ‘on’ position? Do you have an ever-growing list of health problems? Learn to ‘Quick Switch’ your stress response and your thinking patterns, moment to moment, for dramatic improvements to a wide range of symptoms.

Switch deep emotions (Day 2)
‘Deep Switch’ a lifetime’s worth of stuck emotions quickly and easily, without having to reexperience the past or share your big secrets. When you are free of these old hurts, your health can transform even more quickly!

Integration Day, plus Switch your lifestyle and environment (Day 3)
You have a day away from the course environment to integrate your learning and practice the techniques. People can also choose to have a 1-1 session with me if they need extra help or want to work on something private ($140). Plus there are self-directed learning topics in your manual to really examine your broader lifestyle and environment, and ‘Switch’ patterns that are no longer right for you.

Switch beliefs and discover the REAL you! (Day 4)
On our final day, we see whether you have any remaining illness beliefs that need to be Switched, plus we go deeper into your Core Beliefs, which may have been affecting your whole life since you were a toddler. Discovering these deep beliefs and Switching them can lead to huge shifts. Then journey to the most profound place of all – discover your core identity and ‘Switch’ yourself into a daily experience of being your True Self.


‘The Switch’ is so much more than a chronic illness tool – it’s a LIFE tool. Many of my clients have said that they didn’t just get their life back – they got a better life than they had ever previously imagined.
Clients also really enjoyed attending the course! The latest scientific research into brain neurology, emotions, consciousness and wellbeing will come to life with three characters explaining the concepts (and giving you a good laugh). ‘The Switch’ is full of interactive games and activities – we’ll even play dodgeball! Clients report losing track of time because they are so entranced by ‘The Switch’.


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 Upcoming course dates

Fully Booked  Further course dates
JAN – 29th, 30th, and Feb 1st (Tues, Wed and Fri), midday start  APR – 1st, 2nd and 4th (Mon, Tues and Thurs), midday start
FEB – 19th, 20th and 22nd (Tues, Wed and Fri), midday start  APR – 15th, 16th and 18th (Mon, Tues and Thurs), midday start
MAR – 5th, 6th and 8th (Tues, Wed and Fri), 9.30am start
MAR – 18th, 19th and 21st (Mon, Tues and Thurs), midday start  You will have a workbook to help you get your recovery started while on the waiting list
You will receive an e-book when you apply, so you can get started straight away on your recovery.

Cancellations are offered to people who are in the next group after the group that has a cancellation (since they have already been waiting the longest) but these places do feed down through the groups so people do sometimes get an earlier start date than expected.

The course takes 5-7 hours per day, depending on the group, with an average of 5.5 hours.

There is an Integration Day between Day 2 and 3 where you don’t come to course and you practice what you have learnt so far.

All scheduled courses are in Mission Bay, Auckland, unless stated otherwise.


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That’s OK – be inspired by these people…


‘The Switch’ is an amazing course that incorporates the most up-to-date scientific research and insight to create an extremely exciting and powerful life changing tool. With Mel being such a wonderfully inspirational teacher, ‘The Switch’ has created really powerful and permanent positive change in my life. Whilst previous courses were very helpful, I found that ‘The Switch’ finally and fully remedied the issues that had not been previously resolved in a really convincing and permanent manner. Thank you Mel and thank you The Switch, Wow!
(From J, who attended ‘The Switch’ for stress and fatigue issues)

Frequently Asked Questions

Course length

There are three training days in ‘The Switch’, each about 5-6.5 hours long, plus an integration day between Day 2 and 3 for you to review and practise everything you’ve learnt so far at home or work. While 5-6 hours may seem daunting to you, my experience is that chronic illness sufferers not only manage this, but significantly improve their energy and health throughout each day of the course.

Course price

‘The Switch’ package costs $1495 ($1300+GST), which includes:

  • E-book for course preparation
  • Pre-course coaching call with Mel Abbott
  • 45 minute pre-course movie with techniques to start using a week before the course
  • 15 minute guided visualisation track for daily preparation in the week before the course
  • Three training days in a group of 8 people, led by Mel Abbott
  • Course manual – full colour edition
  • Tea/coffee/biscuits
  • Course memorabilia gift
  • Email support chain for one year
  • Four phone call follow-ups over six months with Mel Abbott

Additional support sessions are available for $140/hour if required. Most people get all they need from ‘The Switch’ package.

Waiting times

There is about a 3 month waiting list, but please don’t be put off! I do no marketing, but I always have a waiting list. This is a good sign that my clients are very happy with their results and are singing my praises to everyone they know. I have 8 years experience in this field and have seen over 1300 clients.  I have a lot to offer you!

During the three months wait, there are many things that you will be doing that will help you to start recovering. We send you an ebook that you work through yourself. People usually start getting improvements from reading the book and doing the activities in it, which makes the waiting time easier to handle. We also have another Practitioner that you can do 1-1 sessions with you if you need some help tiding over till the course. During your assessment call with me, you receive some coaching tips as well.  A week before your course, we send you a movie with techniques and visualisations to practise, so you are actually well and truly on the road to recovery by the time you get to the course. Most people find that the 3 months disappears quite quickly with the steps that are in place to prepare for the course.

Plus, sometimes we get cancellations and you can move up the list a bit anyway…


‘The Switch’ is held in Mission Bay, Auckland twice per month, plus other main NZ cities about once per year each. There are many local accommodation options for out-of-towners, who report that they enjoyed being away from their regular environment while they focus on the course. These accommodation options are walking distance from the course, cafes, beaches and a supermarket. My local hosts look after clients very well. If clients require wheelchair access at the venue, this can be arranged.

Is ‘The Switch’ religious?

‘The Switch’ is purposefully neither for nor against any religion, so that it is accessible to all people. It has been attended by Christians, atheists, New Agers and other religious persuasions. All have reported comfort that the programme was in alignment with their beliefs. There is a small amount of visualisation during ‘The Switch’ and Christians have reported really enjoying this process and feeling that it was not in any way against their beliefs around avoiding hypnosis.


Teenagers have participated in ‘The Switch’ and absolutely loved it! It has a lot of games and fully-illustrated slides with cartoon characters, which really appeal to the younger audience. I would expect that children as young as 8-10 years (depending on maturity and confidence) would do well with this course. I love having young people in a group because they usually get well faster than adults, and inspire adults about how rapid change really is possible when you don’t overthink it.

Am I too old?

People in their 70s have done ‘The Switch’ and achieved great results. I have found that as long as clients have the cognitive skills and memory to learn the new material presented in the course, they can make fantastic changes. This, of course, is a case-by-case situation.

How does ‘The Switch’ work?

‘The Switch’ works on many levels.

Firstly, it helps you to switch off your stress response so that your body can start healing naturally. Here is a movie from one of my conference presentations about how chronic stress affects your health and why it is so important to learn where the ‘off’ switch is.

Secondly, ‘The Switch’ helps you to resolve deeper emotional issues that may have caused your illness in the first place. Clearing these deeper emotions allows for a much bigger and longer-lasting healing effect. I have developed a method (The Deep Switch) for people to identify what these deeper emotions are, what caused them, and to release them thoroughly without having to re-experience the trauma or share big secrets with the group.

Here is an excerpt from a fantastic film called “what the bleep do we know?” which explains scientifically what emotions are and how our brain wiring becomes affected by bad experiences:

Thirdly, ‘The Switch’ has a broad reach effect by examining many different areas of your life and helping you to make lifestyle changes to enhance your wellbeing. This is all based on the latest research into the science of wellbeing, which has shown key areas that people need to address in order to have truly sustainable good health.

How do I apply for ‘The Switch’?

When you are feeling ready for ‘The Switch’, click the Apply now button and fill in the preliminary application form and send us your $100 deposit.
We will send you an ebook called “Ready for Recovery” that you read and do exercises in. This usually gives people a lot more hope and confidence about their journey, and they often also report getting some good improvements to their symptoms. When you’ve completed the ebook, send us your answers so we know you are ready to proceed.
Have a phone call with me to discuss your application further, give you some pre-course coaching and decide if you are ready for the course or need to do some further tasks.
If you are ready, we will assign you to a group. If you’re not ready, complete the new tasks and call me for a second assessment. If I still don’t think you are ready, I will refund your deposit.

Are you ready to ‘Switch’?

Apply now!

Or contact us if you have further questions